IMANDIX Cover Professional

3D Cover Mockups

Convert your cover bitmap into a 3D preview of what it would look like in a real case!

Download for Windows

Current version:
Only available for Windows Systems. Not for mobile use!

3 Simple Steps

In less than 10 seconds!

Load your cover

Simply load your cover artwork bitmap and see the magic!

Make 3D settings

Setup the 3D layout and alignment. No 3D skills required!

Save 3D result

Save your final 3D illustration even with transparent background!

It's so easy

See how fast you can work with IMANDIX Cover Professional!

Have a Close View

You simply load your cover bitmap file and the software generates a 3D illustration of it.
You can use these illustrations at your web site or prints or just to see how
the cover case looks like with your own cover bitmap.

Movie cases

Render your cover bitmap into predefined standard movie cases.

Music media

Choose from many different music cases.

Even more

Various types like books, discs and much more available.

Transparent result

Save the 3D result as standard bitmap or transparent PNG layer.

Single cover presentation

You can create a dynamic presentation to rotate your cover to fit your needs. Or use one of the static mockup templates for movie covers.

Cover series

Show a series of your covers. You can align them in a row and you can even change the distance between each other.

Collection of various covers

Add different cover types to your collection to present all available media of your special product.

Awesome Features

IMANDIX Cover Professional is full of great features

Customize your scene background

Save and load
your project files

Batch saving with different cover files

Change between
4 languages

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan is very simple! There is just one.
To hide the watermarks from your covers you need to install a license key.


IMANDIX Cover Professional (Vers.
Download for Windows

Current version:
Only available for Windows Systems. Not for mobile use!